Technical Support

   Our goal at SensaDyne Instruments is to provide you with the hardware, software, surface tension technology, and after-purchase technical support, that will allow successful use of your SensaDyne Tensiometer systems for the life of your instrument.

We always test our tensiometers as a complete system before they leave our test facilities so that they come as close to "plug and play" as we can make them. Our Operator Manual contains step-by-step, software and hardware installation instructions, along with thorough, step-by-step, operating procedures that guide you through the complete calibration and operation of your Tensiometer system.
    The Operator Manual provides detailed preventive maintenance checks and suggestions, with extensive, but easy to follow, step-by step, testing and troubleshooting procedures for all pneumatic and electronic components. This allows users to isolate any problem to specific components and/or devices, before they have to contact us for any further assistance.
    We have a software demo disk, available upon request, as a zipped file, that guides you through all of the software operating features, and demonstrates standard tensiometer calibrations, so that before you ever receive an instrument, you can get "up to speed" on its software functions and operations.

At SensaDyne, you always talk to individuals that developed the instrument, work with the instrument on a daily basis, and know its operation, applications, and features. If you have a question or see something that you don't understand, like a "complex" dynamic surface tension curve, please don't hesitate to call and we will gladly assist you, personally.

Please remember that we are only a telephone call (480-924-1744), or e-mail transmission away at
Victor P. Janule - Founder and President