The QC6000 is SensaDyne's mid-range instrument which adds independent bubble rate mass flow controllers, to the basic features of the QC3000, allowing a wider monitoring range with increased precision and accuracy. It's compact design combines simple operation with fast and accurate results. It can generate data for characterizing surfactant formulations for Research and Development, or it can be easily modified for use in an on-line environment with a variety of configurations. Automatic and accurate measurement of surfactant diffusion rates (Surface Age) is included, along with our latest Windows software, and Automatic Calibration (AutoCal) feature.

  • Adjustable Bubble Rate:
    Max: 40 Bubbles/second
    Min:  1 Bubble/120 sec.
  • Simple Menu-Driven Calibration for Surface Tension and Temperature (AutoCal).
  • Independently Adjusted Small and Large Orifices for Precise Bubble Rates.
  • Active Surfactant (Surface Age) Diffusion Rate Determination (Milliseconds to Minutes).
  • Patented Software Peak Detection: Accuracy within +/- 0.1 Dynes/Cm. (mN/m).
  • Laboratory Uses:
    - Research & Development.
    - Quality Control.
    - Formulation Testing.
    - Contamination Testing.
    - Fast CMC Determination.
  • In-Plant Uses:
    - Quality Monitoring.
    - Formulation Monitoring.
    - Contamination Detection.
    - Intermittent and Continuous Testing Capabilities.
    - Three-Dimensional Surfactant/Formulation Characteristics Studies.
    - Detection and Control of Plating Bath Additives.
    - Cleaning Validation.

Mar 25, 2015, 6:00 PM