SensaDyne developed the QC3000, as a low-cost, yet highly accurate and repeatable, instrument for measuring and monitoring fluid surface tension. The QC3000 has a compact design and simple operation for fast, accurate, results in laboratory environments.

Measurements are taken in the body of the fluid using a patented version of the Maximum Bubble Pressure Method, and are unaffected by surface contamination or foaming. The instrument interfaces directly with any Windows computer, and uses a Windows compatible program that allows display, storage, retrieval, and graphing of data.


  • Adjustable Bubble Rate
     Max: 15 Bubbles/Second
      Min:  1 Bubble/120 sec
  • Simple Menu-Driven Calibration Program.
  • Accuracy within +/- 0.1 Dynes/Cm. (mN/m).


  • Laboratory Uses:
    -Quality Control.
    -Formulation Testing.
    -Contamination Testing.
  • In-Plant Uses:
    -Quality Monitoring.
    -Formulation Monitoring.
    -Contamination Detection.
    -Continuous Sample Stream Monitoring with Optional Flow-Through Vessels.
    -Detection and Control of Plating Bath Additives.
    -Cleaning Validation.