The IP6000 has been developed as a dedicated on-line and in-process tensiometer with all of the capabilities of our laboratory tensiometers. It is designed for use in a production environment for on-line batch testing, sample stream monitoring, and direct monitoring in tanks, flow-through process pipes, and pressurized reactor vessels for pressure up to 40 PSI.

It is specifically designed for on-line process monitoring and control of formulation additive and concentration levels, using integrated analog outputs for surface tension and temperature. Digital outputs provide high and low set point alarms for both surface tension and temperature. Standard features include a RS232 communication port and a data collection software program for downloading data to a remote computer or laptop.

The IP6000 is a stand-alone, PC104 - 386SX embedded micro-computer instrument with LCD data display and keypad for programming. The IP6000 continuously measures fluid surface tension, temperature, surface age and bubble interval. The differential maximum bubble pressure method is unaffected by surface contamination, foaming, and immune to fluctuating fluid levels.

  • Accurately Measures Both Dynamic and Equilibrium (Static) Surface Tension.
  • Embedded Micro-Computer Design for Stand-Alone Operation.
  • Measurements Unaffected by Surface Contamination and Foaming.
  • Independent of Probe Immersion Depth and Pressure to 40 psi.
  • LCD Data Display and Keypad Control with "AutoCal" Feature.
  • Measures Surface Tension, Temperature, Surface Age, and Bubble Interval.
  • High and Low Alarm Setpoints for Surface Tension and Temperature.


  • Quality Control:
    - Quality Monitoring.
    - On-Line Batch Testing.
    - Monitoring Formulations and Additive Levels in Real-Time.
    - Contamination Detection and Alarming.
    - Sample Stream Monitoring with Optional Flow Through Vessels.
    - Monitoring Pipes, or Reactor Vessels to 40 psi.
    - Continuous Cleaning Validation.
  • Process Control:
    - On-Line Process Control of Additive and Concentration Levels.