Dispenser System

The SensaDyne Dispensing System (Model STS) allows fast, easy, dynamic and equilibrium (static) CMC curve generation for formulation studies, using a user-programmed dispenser interfaced with the SensaDyne Tensiometer and SensaDyne software. Combined with the fully automatic SensaDyne PC500L or PC500LV Surface Tensiometer, the system allows users to automatically collect data for Surface Tension, Concentration, and Surface Age, for complete three-dimensional characterization of fluids within minutes. The dispensing system can be used with all computer-interfaced SensaDyne Tensiometer models. Modifications, to integrate the dispenser with the Tensiometer, are made at the time of purchase, or can be retrofit to existing Tensiometers.
  • Interfaces with, and can be retro-fit to work with, any SensaDyne Tensiometer.
  • Simple Step-by-Step Set-Up and Operation (see illustration). 
  • Automatic Concentration and CMC Curve Generation With Our SensaDyne Software.
  • Automatically Operated Stirrer With User-Selected Timing.
  • Allows for Flexible Configurations and Diverse Sample Volumes.
  • Software Collects Surface Tension, Temperature, Surface Age, and Concentration Data.
  • Displays CMC curves using the SensaDyne software's Graphic User Interface.

  • Static and Dynamic Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) Determinations.
  • Additive versus Surface Tension Relationships.
  • Three-Dimensional Formulation Characterization.
  • Fluid Research and Development.
  • Surfactant & Additive Concentration Curves.
  • Surfactant Research.
  • Detergency Studies.
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